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Yano Pepe


Born: October 07 1997 in Lagos Nigeria.
Birth Name: Dantala Yano Alimusa
Nicknames: Yano EL.B Tilo
Height: 5.7” (1.73m)


Dantala Yano Alimusa was born in Lagos state, the son of Musa Ali born in Borno State, and Felicia Alimusa. As a young man, Yano attended Ojo High School, Ojo , Lagos state.
In 2011, Yano played Football at Evergreen Football Club, Ojo , Lagos state.
In 2014, Yano started singing on the street where he grew up, and Yano launched his music career by releasing his first single “PAKEREDE”. Three years later, Yano found Pepe Records on Instagram and sent a direct message to the CEO, the CEO fell in love with Yano’s talent.
On the 22nd of January 2017 Yano was signed to Pepe Records Ltd. In February 2017, Yano released his debut single with Pepe Records " FREE YOURSELF "


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