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How to get a record label deal in Nigeria
The Internet has been brilliant for music artist in many ways, giving them an alternative route to make contact with the world and sell their music directly to fans, but [...]
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A Complete list of all music promotion sites in Nigeria
The Nigerian artist is an empery of talent with a rich blend of zest and sagacity. He cannot be ignored in this present day of global advancement in the music [...]
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How to Promote your Music Online: For Upcoming Nigerian Artist.
Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash   Every upcoming artist want to be heard and seen, perceived by their fans and received by their community. As music is an art [...]
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4 reasons you should not sell on Itunes
The general rule of thumb after producing your music is to call up music distribution company and PR that will help you in promoting your music, so as to get [...]
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