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How to get a record label deal in Nigeria

The Internet has been brilliant for music artist in many ways, giving them an alternative route to make contact with the world and sell their music directly to fans, but the essence of a record label can never be overstated as they do much more and have access to resources and finances that is incomparably different from that of an independent music artist.

Record label is a company that engages in the production, distribution, marketing, promotion of recorded music and music videos, copyright enforcement, new artist recruitment and development (known as “A&R”), and all needed to take an artist from obscurity to limelight as it presents the artist story to a larger than life canvas by providing financial assistance.

As an upcoming artist creating a pathway for his music career, here are some things you can do to make yourself an irresistible viable business that is worthy of recognition by a record label.

Invest in your music

Creatively invest in your music by practicing constantly. The quality of your music will reflect your dedication to your craft which will in turn boost your image. Get a mentor if need be and develop your live performance. You can start by developing your personality, be loyal, success minded and committed to building your image. Be skillful and realistic when making your music, make the music that is marketable, a music that can sell itself off the shelves like freshly baked cakes, that kind that makes you stand out.

Be Presentable

Impressions really do matter as talent alone will not land you a record deal. As an artist, you need to be presentable and professional. You can’t always rely on fixing your mistakes when they can be avoided in the first place.

Polish the sound of your music, study your competitions, observe what they do and how they construct their music. This will help you practice in privacy. Tape your rehearsals and watch for ways to improve, make quality recording within your budget before releasing an album. While you are been dedicated to music, develop a good work ethic.

Develop a fan base

A music artist without fans can not be successful in his music career. Record label want to see that you are an awesome package ready to take the world by storm, who knows how to put on a show and his loved by his followers. To be whom they seek, developed a fan base that loves your music.

Fans that can be converted to fanatics not just mere followers. To create a large fan base, maximize the use of social media. Be loud on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. Create a website, start selling your music online, get the buzz going. Labels loves to sign an artist that is already selling his music.

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