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How to Promote your Music Online: For Upcoming Nigerian Artist.

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash


Every upcoming artist want to be heard and seen, perceived by their fans and received by their community. As music is an art that unifies people, artists seek to be connected to their ideal fans, they crave to promote their presence online.

Here are some ways to promote your music online:


This is a top priority. A website gives your fans a place online where they know they can find you, no matter what happens, be it the extinction of a social media platform or the birth of a new one. You can create a landing page on your website to collect email addresses from your fans which you can use for your mailing list, create awareness, to give your fans more information or make a sale. You can make sales of your album, make available song lyrics and also help fans download their favorite songs.


Email is the best way to reach your fans. Here, your mail is guaranteed to land in their box. A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep your fans informed about all things going on with you and your crew or your record label. You can embark on an email campaign blast for 6 months or more to make your music loud and be heard when you want to be.


It is a great way for your fans to get personal with you. Your fans get to share in your emotions, your sadness, your joy, your accomplishments and all. A tour diary, lyrics of their favorite song, album review and some personal entries help your fans to have a glimpse into your world. It can also help your fans to know more about your band, your next music tour and the places you will be visiting. From your daily diary, your fans get to know your favorite games, favorite food, where you hang out most weekends and even more so what you do to relieve stress. Your blog is encompassing and it is owned by you, so if any social media platform goes, it still remains yours. This is where you can also build your fan base and connect with the music world.


Facebook is one of the biggest social networks perceived as the standard among all other social media platform. This is a platform where you can get fans and build your fan base. You can create a facebook page which has no fan limit. Promote your page and also get Insights about your fans. You can boost your page so it’s suggested to more people.


Twitter is a great way to post your thoughts and contribute to relevant trending topics using hash tags. Just like every social media platform has their own traditions, twitter deals with @ and # hashtag. Here, you can tweet with photo and retweet post related to your line of interest. On this platform you can keep in tuned with the world and be heard.


This is the standard for easy photo sharing. Instagram is a unique platform for you to spice up your content on Facebook and Twitter with creative photos and videos. Instagram also has other apps such as Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse that allow you to create amazing and innovative content out of your daily photos and videos.

Snap Chat

This platform is focused on storytelling through short, timed photos and videos. You can create a craving in your fans by posting short storylines about your upcoming album. It has more unique marketing opportunities.


This is a great way to amplify your music via streaming music service on the internet. It is the number one streaming music service on the internet. YouTube presents you a great opportunity for fans to find you and also share your music on other social networks, leading to a greatly expanded reach beyond your fan base.

Online Radio

Online radio such as Pandora is a good opportunity for fans to hear you in their regular music. It is the best way to make sure your fans can hear your music when they want to. You’ll get some popularity from this.
These are but a few ways to promote your music online as an artist showcasing his uniqueness in a new and exciting way to the world.

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