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4 reasons you should not sell on Itunes

The general rule of thumb after producing your music is to call up music distribution company and PR that will help you in promoting your music, so as to get result from your hard earned work, however, its not about selling music alone, you should think of the long term relationship and how to build your fan base which is very important for your music career.

BUT before you release your music on iTunes and proudly plaster the link all over the digital world there are just a few very important details you need to take into consideration.

In this article i will tell you 4 reasons you should not sell on itunes and by the end of this article, you will agree with me why you should not only sell on itunes.


You wont be able to connect to your fans

If you’ve already worked your butt off to grow a substantial fanbase of awesome people who want to purchase your music and support you then why send them to iTunes who’s going to take 30%of all your sales? On top of that if your fan isn’t already a customer of iTunes you’re basically paying iTunes to take all of your fans information so that they can now advertise your competitor’s music to them!  Not cool bro


You can’t Remarket your fans

Having your fans email list, can help you to send email blast after launching a new song, this will reduce money spent in promoting, let’s say  you have 10,000 subscribers in your email, its synonymous to having 10,000 fans that are ready to listen to your new music and the probability of buying your new music again is 8/10.


80% probability of loosing new fans

Let’s look at it from a different scenario. Let’s say someone just found out about your music for the first time on YouTube or Soundcloud and they noticed that you placed a link in your description to purchase the song on iTunes because you want them to know you’re “legit”. Now they go and purchase your song from iTunes but guess what? iTunes keeps all of their information and doesn’t share it with you! Which means you can’t contact them thanking them for their support. You can’t add them to your mailing list  heck you don’t even know who they are! Which makes it impossible for you to build a relationship with them unless they hunt you down. You win small short term by gaining a sale but you loose big long term by likely losing a fan.


30% commission problem

Itunes will charge you 30% on each sale which is not cool, although they are doing their part by giving you a platform to sell your  stuffs, but take a look at this scenerio where nobody shares in your commission. This brings me to the conclusion, getting a personal website for your brand is the best way to go where you can monitor sales and get all the whole cash.

Don’t get me wrong bro, you can publish your music on itunes, but it should not be the only place, you should have a personal site to sell your products.


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